Raised between New Orleans and South Central Los Angeles, Kenzie DeLaine spent his formative years moving between worlds. He brings his own brand of bi-coastal chameleon sensibility to his photography, and proves to be an astute observer of people and place.

DeLaine's photography has taken him around the globe, from Central America, to the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain. DeLaine is a former US Army soldier. In addition to his own diverse experience and contexts, his work draws inspiration from American storyteller greats like Studs Terkel and William Eggleston.

Kenzie DeLaine' s background in arts and media includes working as a Production Assistant for CNN, as well, as a band and tour manager. Currently DeLaine is working on his 2009 projects, Up Close and Get Out of My Face, Black President and Go Mississippi.

Kenzie DeLaine is a graduate of Brooklyn College and currently resides with his wife in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, New York and New Orleans, Louisiana.